Because Sudbury is/was such an important part of Elizabeth`s life I`ve decided that it/you should have a page of it`s own. Elizabeth spent the last year of her life in Sudbury, Ontario. She came to Sudbury as a full time Dance Instructor at Happiness is...Dancing (HID). That year, Sudbury, and the wonderful people of Sudbury, helped to 'define' Elizabeth. She headed off for Sudbury/HID as a young, somewhat 'lost' individual, and returned home only one year later as a confidant, proud, energetic, young woman that now understood and knew exactly what see wanted in life. She felt that she had been given her chance and had made her 'mark' in the Dance world, and now it was time to move on to what she felt, was her true calling....working with challanged children, especially autistic children. She made many life long friends in Sudbury. You folks took my little girl under your wing and helped her grow into this beautiful young woman that we will always remember. Thank you Sudbury, and the people of Sudbury, for helping guide that young lady into what we have all come to know as simply....'Elizabeth'. My Family and I will never forget you guys.

Thanks agian,

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June 14, 2010:

Michelle and I are preparing for our trip to beautiful Sudbury, Ontario. We are heading up on the 25th to attend their 2010, year end, dance recital and to present Elizabeth`s "Dancing with Wings" plaque and Schlorship. Returning to Sudbury is a lot harder for Michelle than it is for me. We both look forward to seeing everyone again, but Michelle has a real difficult time with 'memories' of her and Elizabeth is Sudbury. I hope that over time it gets easier for her because I know that right now, even thoug she wants to be/go there, it almost makes her sick every time that we talk about this trip and Sudbury. We are 'healing', but it is a real long, slow, process.

Letters from our Sudbury trip:

Paula DiP June 26 at 7:13pm

Just thought I would touch base and let you know my first Grade 8 Graduation as Vice Principal and MC went better than expected. Such bright futures for these young people one being one of HID's own Intermediate Dancer. She won the World Class Student Award (All based on Character Development) which I feel is more of an honour than top academics because it speaks to who this young lady truly is (kind, generous, respectful, responsible, has integrity, just to name a few). It was funny even though I am one of the administrators of the school and MC of the ceremony I was not privy to award recipients. As our grade 8 teacher read out the description of the World Class Student Award my mind immediately went to our young dancer (it completely described her). I was not surprised when they announced her name. I know Elizabeth would have been very proud of this dancer because there were many times I saw this young dancer (junior at the time when Elizabeth taught her) watching Elizabeth intensely and taking in everything she said. In my books Elizabeth would have won the World Class Student Award hands down if she attend any of our Rainbow District Schools.

Well I hope you have all got some rest. I am going to sign off for now since I need to pull Francesca, Calysta and Giordano out of the pool so we can get ready to head to the HID final BBQ.. It will not be the same without Elizabeth being there this year nor Miss Ashlee since she is on her way to Toronto for a wedding.

Talk soon! Hugs to both you and Michelle

Dear Michelle Ryan and Jonathan,

Thank you very much for coming to our Competitive Recital on SUnday i really hoped you guys enjoyed the show. I just wanted to let you guys know this:

Well last year I didnt dance because i wanted to take a year off, and trust me that was the biggest mistake i've done, because i didnt have a chance to get super close to Liz, i did dance on mondays and she was my teacher for and hour and a half but that wasnt enough, and when i heard about Liz's accident my heart just dropped. When HID had that ceremony for liz that right there made me come back to dance and thats why im dancing this year, and its sad cause it went by SOOO FASTTT. I'm really sad i didnt get to meet you guys before :( you guys are the best family that anyone could ask for. I'm really happy you guys pulled through and came to sudbury. Mr RYan's speech was amazing, made everyone cry backstageeee.

Well hope to see you in the futur i love you RYAN FAMILYYY "Heaven needed a hero and thats HER"

lovee anik (L)

Paula DiP June 22 at 10:02pm

Hope you had a safe trip home. It was so nice to finally meet you in person. You are as warm and kind as you come across in your notes to Elizabeth as well as your personal emails. I know how difficult it was for you, Michelle and Jonathon coming to Sudbury, a place where people adored and cherished your daughter. A place that Elizabeth called home for just under a year. You were truly inspirational when you stood in front of a crowd of hundreds sharing your story of a daughter you cherished so deeply. With each word you spoke it was very evident. It was so great to see Michelle again and see her smile when I reminded her about drinking wine in the hotel hallway in Vaughan when she came to see Elizabeth (the picture of Elizabeth running down the hallway to see Michelle was one I captured on my camera that night).

I sat in the audience with my mother and father to my left, my sister, niece and her boyfriend to my right, my daughter, niece and husband backstage waiting to perform and had said goodbye earlier that afternoon to my older brother who was heading back to Ottawa. As the night went on, I reflected on how very blessed I was to have all these amazing people surrounding me and could not imagine losing any one of them.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for coming to the Comp Recital, it truly meant alot to all the dancers and to all of us parents. We truly hope you enjoyed yourself even though it was difficult and the memories of the show will confirm how much Elizabeth was loved by all of us at HID and Sudbury. I hope this will be just one of many trips you make to the Nickel Capital and with each visit your heart will be a little lighter.

Thank you for making Father's Day so very special.

Love to you, Michelle and Jonathon and of course our precious angel Elizabeth.

Paula and Francesca (the little dancer with dark hair in the picture with Elizabeth and Lori at Memorial Park in Sudbury)