Princess Gold Tournament

The "Princess Golf Tournament" is the main fundraiser for the Elizabeth Ryan Trust Fund. It has grown into a fabulous annual event sponsored by the Ryan Family and enjoyed by countless friends and supporters. Through this tournament we honour friendships, team work and the vision supported by Elizabeth's trust. ​

“You need to be challenged in life in order to grow.” “I want to make a difference in one child’s life.”

Inspiring words written by Elizabeth Ryan in her journal in September of 2008 while volunteering in Tanzania, Africa, just prior to a motor vehicle accident which took her life. Her short time in Africa allowed her to fulfill her dream of working with underprivileged children and left her mark forever in their hearts. A determined and generous spirit led Elizabeth in the direction of helping others. As a legacy to her, we are continuing her work of making a difference for so many children.

We hope you will support the Annual “Princess Tournament”. The funds raised at this event will go to her trust, which will be distributed to various charities which Elizabeth was passionate about including:

and so much more....