Elizabeth's "Dimes"

My 'dime' Story....Mike Ryan.

Dimes...Coincidence or Signs?

Over the years I have found money, lots of money. I have found Pennies, Nichols, Quarters, Five dollar bills, and even the odd Twenty. For whatever reason, I have never found, or at least I don’t remember ever finding a dime. That is why finding a dime/dimes, all of a sudden, feels somewhat “odd/special” to me. Almost always the dimes that I find are bright, shiny and heads up. Did you ever notice what is on the head of a dime? Elizabeth…Queen Elizabeth! This seems/feels so odd to me that I have started to chronicle every time that I find one.

The 1st dime I ever found: On Friday, September 12th 2008, I was at my Emsdale plant, in the parking lot, talking to my brother Steve and looked down and there on the ground…a bright shiny dime. I picked it up showed it to Steve and exclaimed; “This is my lucky day”, this is 10 times as lucky as finding a penny. Ironically, I found the dime at about 11:00 am, almost the exact time that Elizabeth died!

Dime # 2: Thursday February 5th 2009 --: I had been invited to a business lunch with a supplier. He suggested that we ‘dine’ at the Red Roster, a nice little restaurant in Bayers Lake. As I was sliding into my seat, I looked down and there on the ground…a bright shiny dime! I almost panicked. After what happened the last time I found a dime, it frightened me. I wouldn`t/couldn`t pick it up!

Dime # 3: Sunday, February 8th 2009--: I was at a hockey game at the Eastern Shore Rink. The Subway’s were playing there because our home rink had been double booked. It was late in the 3rd period and we were losing. I was pacing at the far end of the rink, (I like being by myself when I watch a hockey game), and I happened to look down…a bright shiny dime! It freaked me out! As soon as the game ended, (we lost) I left. I wouldn`t/couldn`t pick it up!

Dime # 4: Monday, February 9th 2009--: I just bought a new vehicle for MCK, a van for service. I was at the new Halifax Showroom and Jim was there. I suggested that he ‘try out’ the new van, so we went for a short drive. Jim drove. When we came back to the Showroom, Jim backed the van into a parking spot and we got out. As I was getting out I looked down and there on the ground…a bright shiny dime! Heads up. I was stunned! Why all the dimes? I wouldn`t/couldn`t pick it up but I didn’t see the sense in leaving it there so I had Jim pick it up.

Dime # 5: Friday, March 13th 2009: We had been in Mexico for a week and I/we spent the whole week healing and dealing. I read a lot and spent a lot of time to myself trying to ‘accept’. It was a hard/good week but I was ready to come home. I missed being around Elizabeth, (No internet in Mexico so I couldn’t use Facebook and of course Elizabeth’s ashes are at our Home. I like to touch her urn and talk to her daily) and wanted/needed to get back. I was gathering up everything, trying to make sure that we didn’t forget/leave anything there. I had already emptied the safe but I had to double check. This time I looked under the little mat that is inside the safe. Guess what’s there…a bright shiny dime! Heads up. A Canadian dime! I smiled, thinking about Elizabeth, picked the dime up and brought it Home with me/us.

Dime # 6: Friday, April 3rd 2009: I went to Windsor to visit JR. We have come to enjoy/love Sushi. There is this great spot, The Iguana, which has wonderful Sushi and an even better ‘atmosphere’. We love it there. It has become ‘our’ Sushi bar. We finished our meal and were getting ready to leave. One of JR`s hockey buddies was there, also having dinner, so we went over to say bye. I looked down….a bright shiny dime! Heads up. I pointed it out, told JR`s buddy (Jim) the ‘dime’ story, got JR to pick it up, and we left.

Dime # 7: Sunday April 5th 09: This dime is a little different mostly because I didn’t find it, Michelle did. I have told Michelle all about my ‘dime thing’ and I don’t think that she knows what to make of it, or of me. I was in Windsor, with JR, and Michelle was in Cape Breton, with dance. She called me to tell me that she had something to tell me that would put a smile on my face. She explained that while she was working ‘back-stage’, at the dance, watching the girls perform, she heard a/this ‘jingle’. She looked around and there wasn’t anyone else there, just her and the dancers that were on the stage. She looked down and there beside her…a bright shiny dime! I think that I am finally starting to realize/get it. It really is Elizabeth’s way of showing/telling us that she is OK and that she is right here, with us.

Dime # 8 and dime # 9: Monday, April 6th 2009: I am still in Windsor. Because of the ‘fog’ I missed my flight. It’s ok though because it means that I get to spend another evening with JR. We get to talk and I think that it’s/that’s good for both of us. He says that he is a little disappointed because he hasn’t gotten any ‘signs’ from Elizabeth. I explain that they are there but sometimes they are hard to understand. You almost need to ‘look’ for them. My flight leaves at 6:00 am so I/we need to get up at 4:15. I get up 1st and go and have a shower. When I get back to the bedroom JR is awake and we talk as I start to get dressed. As I am pulling on my pants, I look down, on the floor….a bright shiny dime! Heads up. I tell/show JR and we laugh. I pick this one up, I’m not sure why, but I am not afraid of the dimes anymore. I finish getting dressed and reach to the night table to get my chain and watch. When I pick them up, right under my watch…another bright shiny dime! Heads up. WOW!!! I also pick this one up. JR and I talk about the dimes for a while, laughing at the fact that I am finding so many, discussing the fact that although his room is ‘busy’ there is not any change just lying around. We laugh some more and head out for the airport. I am now on my way home but as soon as I get there I am going to call JR and tell him that I think that finding these two dimes, in his home, was just Elizabeth telling us (JR and me) through ‘signs’, that she is with us. I think that she wants us to know that if we want or need her, she is ‘always’ with us.

I know that to the people who are skeptics (I used to be one) , all of this can/will be explained off as just ‘coincidence’. What I am saying is that if this is just ‘coincidence’, IT IS ONE BIG COINCIDENCE! You need to remember that untilSeptember 12th 2008, I had never found a dime. Since then…NINE! I don’t think that this ‘dime thing’ is over, at least I hope not. I will keep you posted.

Until then,
Lots of love,
JEMM (Jonathon, Elizabeth, Mike, and Michelle)

It seems like every other day I am told a ‘Dime’ story, someone else’s story. Each story brings a big smile to my face. Keep sending them to me, and I will try my best to post each and every one.

Other 'Dime' stories April 05, 2010

Another 'special' day has come and gone. They just don`t seem so 'special' anymore. It was nice to have some of the Family over, and to have JR home, but it just isn`t the same. I just got back from walking Dakota and Piglet... I found the dime. I smile everythime I find one now because I know that it`s you letting me know that you are 'close' and that you are OK.

RIP Baby Doll
Be happy,
Love Papa

March 30, 2010

Hey Mike!!!

I hope your week is going great!! Matthew (my husband) and I had our 2nd ultra sound this morning, and we got to see the baby move for the first time which I have to say was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. God is so amazing!! It's still way to early to tell what the baby is yet, but I will definitely let you know as soon as we do. The reason I'm writing though is because of what happened next....

When I got back to work I was craving a Sprite like crazy so after looking in my wallet for change for the vending machine and coming up short I checked my desk drawer that I'm in every day at least twice a day and there it was a Canadian dime with queen Elizabeth on it just looking up at me. Immediately I though of Elizabeth and you and smiled. I just had to share that with you. I attached a picture of the dime on my desk. I just thought it was the sweetest thing after our conversation and I don't know but just after such an amazing experience at the doctors this morning, maybe Elizabeth is watching us and is aware of our conversation from the other day and it was her being a part of such a special day to me! That's my take on it anyways!!

Take Care,

Nov 25, 2009

Hi Baby Doll

Thanks for the dimes. Over the weekend at the Monctonian, and again today at The Provincial Autism Centre. I know that there are many people that think that this dime thing is just ‘coincidence’, and I guess that for a while I even believed that, but after a while (and many dimes)… It becomes a little hard to dispute. I haven’t posted much lately, but I feel like I need to relate these ‘dime’ stories, at least the last few stories. I guess the amazing fact is that I had never found a dime (not that I remember anyway) until the day that you died. Since then… I have found dozens! I am going to get back at your web-site soon, and I hope to add as many of those stories as I can. These ‘dime’ stories just keep coming in. Maybe it’s just that people now know about the ‘dime’ thing, and when they find one it just triggers a memory?? I don’t know.

On Friday, while I was at the Monctonian, Brad came to me and said that Lester was looking for me… he had found a dime. When I caught up with him he explained he was talking to someone and there on the ground… A bright shinny dime, heads up. He knew about the dime story and immediately thought about you and me. He brought me the dime, told me the story, and made me smile. After the game I hooked up with an old friend, Gerard Mallet, and we ‘caught up’. We hadn’t talked since your death and he is such a ‘softie’… We talked long and hard about you, Family, love, loss, and life in general. It was nice. When I went back to the hotel, I started to fall into that black hole, you know what I mean. I could have just gotten into bed, covered my head and cried… This is still soo tough. A short while later all of the guys said that they were going to the ‘prospects’ game, was I coming along. Anything was better than staying there and ‘sinking’ deeper into the hole. As we were leaving the hotel, to go to the rink… There on the ground… a bright shinny dime, heads up! Another smile. The next morning I called JR and told him about the dimes and we talked about the number of dimes that we have found and if they could be just coincidence? I said that if Elizabeth could leave so many dimes, why couldn’t she do something else to let us know that she is ‘near’, or leave dimes in certain areas or at certain times? I hung up and we went back to the rink. We were early so I was just walking around think about the dime thing, and I was walking down the stairs in the main rink… There on the ground… A bright shinny dime, heads up. Hundreds of people would have walked up and down those stairs… How come I find the dime???

Today we were invited to The Provincial Autism Centre. Your Trust has made several substantial donations to The Centre and they wanted us to see what they are all about. They are doing some great work. You would be proud to see how you are helping the Autism cause. At the end of our visit, we sat down in Cynthia’s office with the Founder, Joan, and just talked. When we were getting ready to leave, there on the floor… A bright shinny dime, heads up. Cynthia explained that she had actually found/noticed it earlier in the day, and had just left it there for us. She said that she doesn’t know what it would be doing there or ever remember finding a dime. I know that you were there with us Elizabeth… Thanks

I miss you so much,
All my love,
Be happy.


Oct. 17, 2009

It seems like way to long since I wrote in/on this page. I have had several Dime stories to add/share, but it seems to be very difficult just to sit down and add them. As much as I love this site, it is extremely hard to spend time keeping it up. It just sucks the energy out of me… It makes me so sad. I know that over time, that will change.

Mom just called. She decided to go to Cape Breton with Laurie, Rebecca, and Erin, to do some ‘dance stuff’. The ‘Girls’ don’t know, but being around the dance stuff ‘kills’ Mom. She has such a hard time being around all of the Dancers, the Teachers, the girls, and seeing them grow up… how happy they are. She isn’t jealous or anything, exactly the opposite, but she still finds it soo difficult. Today they spent four or five hours in the car, talking, laughing, and reminiscing. By the time they got to Sydney, Mom said that she was almost overwhelmed. All she could think about was Elizabeth. The last two weeks (since we got back from the cruise) Mom hasn’t been good. More tears than smiles. They stopped at Tim’s for a coffee. On the way in, Mom found a dime on the ground, a 1986 dime! That’s the year that Elizabeth was born! I don’t know if all of these dimes are ‘signs’ or not, but I’m telling you, if they are not… What wonderful coincidences. If they are 'signs', keep them coming. I know one person (make that two) that is smiling 'today' because of them.

Mike Ryan

Ann Ryan (Halifax, NS)
wrote at 10:49pm yesterday

I have been thinking of you a lot lately. Uncle Steve and I redid our walk in closet and found 2 dimes. It just made me smile. We truly miss you. When I look around the house I have a lot of fun memories of you. xoxoxo Aunt Ann

Elizabeth Jeppesen
September 8 at 4:32pm

Hey Mike, I cannot tell you how much I think of you and your family. I apologize for not writing to you sooner. Two neat stories for you- Went hiking, you and Michelle were on my mind ( I think so much of y ou and wish so badly I could help you feel better) all of a sudden a butterfly came fluttering by! I had not seen a butterfly in Peru till than. I know Elizabeth is watching out for me ( I sure hope so, trauma effects are still very real and difficult to deal with). 2 - I was on the roof top doing some laundry as I was walking back I look down and there is a dime! I have never found a dime just always heard your stories of finding them. I will treasure that dime forever. I hope you are doing ok. I can´t imagine how you must feel. I cannot believe a year has almost passed. I love you and will continue thinking of you. PLease know you ALL are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love Elizabeth Jeppesen

Jacqueline Ouellet
August 21st, 2009

I have not found a dime since Elizabeth passed away. I wonder to myself if it was because she feels I do not need to know her presence or if it is because she is by Mike, Michelle and Jonathon all the time! THEN yesterday, I was walking through the parking lot at the golf tournament, and there on the ground was a dime! It is pretty beat off from all the cars and people walking over it, but there is was, waiting for the day of the tournament for someone to find it, someone who believes in the meaing of it, a family member, a friend, a true believer! I immediately gave this dime to Mike to let him know that she was at the Golf Course to watch over us and take care of us.

Thank you Elizabeth!! I love you loads and miss you terribly, mom too!!


Anita LaPierre (Halifax, NS)
wrote at 11:15pm on June 23rd, 2009

Nathan (my 16 month old baby) found a dime on sunday evening. it freaks me out a little because we are very careful to not leave any 'choking hazards' around. usually when he has something he's not supposed to have he runs away from me, but he brought it straight to me. since the baby found it i don't know if it was heads up or not. Elizabeth didn't get the chance to meet nathan while she was alive, am i crazy for thinking she just introduced herself to him?? i almost didn't want to post this but i feel almost like its another chapter in the dime story...does anyone else have a dime story?

Madonna Tilley Fitzpatrick
wrote at 9:43pm on April 4th, 2009

Isn't that just awesome, funny how you should mention the dimes, I went to a rugby game today to watch my exchange student play and I parked the car and as I was getting out there was a shiny new dime heads up, and I just had to pick it up and you were the first one to come to my mind, not sure what it means but I picked it up and therewere thoughts of you and Liz. Glad you are learning to deal and I don't think the hurt, sadness and loneliness will ever go away. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Been crazy busy but still have a donation here for the cause. Take care

Michelle Mader
wrote at 4:19pm on June 8th, 2009

hi there...guess you are looking down on us as I found a dime yesterday outside sobeys and went to school this morning and had all the butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. I think of you often and miss you ya!

Alex Fortune (Halifax, NS)
wrote at 8:01am on June 13th, 2009

Hi there, so the other day i was on my way to work and went to tim hortans whitch is weird for me but on my way out i found on the ground a dime and first thing i thought about was your fathers storie and you, it put a big smile on my face to think you were there maybe, i dont know if that means your watching over me but if you are thank you very much. I've thought about you often and enjoy your fathers stories and e-mails on facebook. keep danceing and smileing!