Friends and Family

This page is dedicated to Elizabeth's friends and family members. We are continuously receiving wonderful, heart-warming stories and touching memories from so many of you. Please continue to share your thoughts and memories of Elizabeth as often as you like. We truly cherish each and every one that we receive.‚Äč

Did You Know?

  1. When Elizabeth was a young girl, she was elated to find out that Queen Elizabeth was named after 'her'!
  2. When Elizabeth was four, going on five, all she wanted for her fifth Birthday was a diamond ring!
  3. Elizabeth hated virtually all fish, but one of her favorite foods was salmon.
  4. From grade two, Elizabeth only ever wanted to be a Teacher. As she got older, her dream was to work with autistic children.
  5. Elizabeth liked/loved 'nice' things, but understood better than anyone that I know, that even 'nice' things are still just 'things'.
  6. Elizabeth taught dance for six years....part time for five years with LMSD in Enfield and Bedford, and one year full time for HID in Sudbury Ontario.
  7. Elizabeth loved 'polka dots', or anything that had polka dots on it.