This page has been created to share stories and memories of Elizabeth's time in Africa as well as the friends we have met through our continued work on Elizabeth's behalf.

June 13th, 2009

The Dot Cafe has sent along a beautiful picture that I will post shortly, as soon as I determine how.
Thanks guys, this means so much to me.

Hi Mike!

Just visited the site...left speechless.It's a beautiful way to share Elizabeth's brief, but fruitful life with the www = whole wide world..

Thought you could use the attached picture of our tribute to her on her still stands on The Wall at our cafe, reminding/informing everyone about Elizabeth...
Best regards,

Dot Cafe

May 21, 2009

Below is an e-mail from Laura Young. Laura was in Tanzania with Elizabeth (she was involved in the accident as well). Laura is trying to help me put things in place so that we can properly look after Regan and Angela.

Subject: Just an update


A friend of mine is over in Tanzania working with the children at Kilicenter. She has been there for several weeks. I sent her a message asking her to give an update on the kids. this is what she said.

Hey! We have very limited internet time, but i just wanted to tell you that everything is wonderful. Our time at the Kilicenter has been great, and we have really gotten to know the kids and gotten a lot of service work done. Oh, and Angela and Regan are doing great. I havent gotten to know regan very much, because he is often at school when we are there, but Angela is hilarious. We all have pictures of her. We are only doing two more days of service work. I definitely love it here. Talk to you soon!

Just thought you'd like to know.
Miss you. Love ya!